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Archive for November, 2008

  • power unit in PC has died, got a spare though, shame it’s not working either… Time for beers! #
  • Friday night and I’m sat here working, what is the world coming to! lol can’t even have a drink yet, got a skype JV call later, oh well… #
  • having problems logging in to facebook ths morning… :( #
  • @Ghostwriteranon I’ll get in touch this week about that outsourcing job i mentioned at the focus seminar. :) #
  • @siahdesign I did that “get more from Twitter” post with link to your site recently – #
  • @SimonHodgkinson how was the holiday Simon, did you get a tan? :) #
  • @DaveTaylor watched Quantum of Solace with my kids recently, we all loved it! have joined @filmbuzz :) #
  • not twittered in 3 days and have gone up the Grader “uk elite” #
  • must have a strange algorythm! :) #
  • @astral330 it’s not actually wet here in Cheltenham, just quite noisy with all the fireworks displays, pro and amateur.. :) #
  • feeling a bit energized today, 19 hours of sleep will do that to you! been up since dawn and already ahead of the day. :) #
  • oooh, I’ve snuck to the twitter.grader “uk elite” top 10 – #
  • wonder how long I’ll manage to stay in the top 10, got a long way to go to catch up with @chrisgarrett (no relation) and @cmiddlebrook #
  • @AndyHenry no idea Andy, was surprised to see myself in the top 10. not sure how they establish the “uk” part… #