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Archive for August, 2008


Jumbo gets married.

Jumbo gets married., originally uploaded by mattgarrett.

Craig and Craig, aka Jumbo, have just tied the not in sunny Tintern at the Royal George Hotel, thanks to the owners, Sam and James, for an excellent day!

  • Kids gone home after a week with me, time to get back to work, more videos to make.
  • adding testimonials to squeeze page to test out for higher conversion on AdSwaps –
  • done enough for today, read a new report, send a review email, and made 3 blog posts, time for some Warcraft with my son. :) nite all.

This is a truly excellent short film from Rob Pearlstein called “Our Time Is Up”.

it’s just over 14 minutes long and it’ll seem a lot shorter, it’s that good…

you’ll probably also recognise quite a few of the faces in it.

Source: The Best Bits & Original Post: [author-name]

Cheltenham Regency postbox, originally uploaded by mattgarrett.

Today the kids and i found one of Cheltenham’s Regency period post boxes that wasn’t vandalised, much nicer.

  • @marciajones interesting find Marcia, the “leading cause of bankruptcy” video reminds me how lucky we brits are!
  • spent half the day reading Alex Goad’s new report, pretty useful stuff –
  • @jjjust yup, it’s another CB product that doesn’t cloak the payment url, so easy to work out your own, but I did have an invite from Alex :) #
  • @jjjust just posted my review for affiliate payload, with bonus – #
  • @marciajones not checked other vids on brasschecktv yet, not had time today, have bookmarked it tho. :)
  • New BlogTactics Post: Top 12 WP Blog Plugins #
  • cancelled camping with kids due too typical british weather, helping them get their blogs optimized and monetized instead. 😉
  • @kiwichamp um, No 7 what? blog plugins or videos?
  • @kiwichamp oops, just seen your follow up tweet, sorry! glad it’s working again. :)
  • @chrisoldroyd been looking at getting an Omnia myself Chris, pleaseletme know how you find it. :)
  • it’s no good, miserable weather or not, need fresh air, gonna force march the kids down the road and back against their protests. :)
  • @kiwichamp I use thwirl, but the delay was simply me not reading my twitter messages on twhirl. :)

Postbox vandalised

Postbox vandalised, originally uploaded by mattgarrett.

Who vandalises a post box? Especially one as old as this is.

  • @SuperAffil it’s one of the reasons why your own affiliate program can be better than clickbank. :)
  • just been stumbling a post for a friend & ended up spending 30mins reading computer stupidities
  • New BlogTactics Post: Top 12 WP Blog Plugins
  • @neilshearing lol! nope, @chrisgarrett isn’t a relative, although my mum’s name does happen to be Chris… :)
  • Glad to see they’ve fixed the “school boy” error of not cloaking the clickbank payment url on Sal’s Recesion Rescue System site! :)
  • lol! spoke too soon, the clickbank payment is is back, roll on the hoplink hijacking!
  • @joelcomm read enders game and the rest of the series a few years ago, damn good read. :)
  • @kiwichamp cloaking the clickbank payment url means affiliates get less hoplink hijacks, so earn more commissions = happy affiliates