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Archive for July, 2008

  • Hmm, not a good start to the day, SpamArrest is down, first time that’s happened…
  • Ahh! too many forms of communication! I’m in a chat on facebook, got 3 skype conversations going and then the damn phone rings, OMG! lol
  • hmm, I’ve not twittered in 10 days, does that mean I’ve not done any work in 10 days…? Probably! :)
  • Damn, just got 3 auto-renewals for domains I was gonna let go, hate when that happens!
  • When you move, don’t forget to change your address on eBay. the peeps who bought my house just got a big parcel today! lol!
  • @Jeff_Gomez it was, which is a WildWest Reseller account, so same admin system as GoDaddy
  • @Jeff_Gomez go in to your GD admin panel, tick all the ones you don’t want to auto-renew and choose the renewals button to change it. :)
  • Damn, gotta re-boot again, need to get a new PC… :(