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How Life Moves On

This weekend should be the 5th annual Hay-on-Wye Festival of the literature and arts “piss-up” weekend for me, Jumbo, Col, Tat and Hugh, but we’re not gonna be there.

It’s a shame but life moves on, we’re all off doing other things and somehow it’s just not where we’re at this year, maybe we’ll come back to it next year or some time in the future, but for now, the tradition we started back in 2003 has faltered.

I know that the friends I have shared this “qaulity” (drunken & relaxed) time with for the last few years are still great friends and we’ll do it again, but I also know that we don’t HAVE to do the weekend just because it was becoming a bit of a tradition.

  • lol! just realised that even tho I’m having “down time” relaxing with my sis, we’re still throwing around a HUGE viral marketing idea! #
  • best part is my sis isn’t even vaguely in to marketing, horses are her thing, but she’s always in a bubble, and it’s growing.. #

My kids managed to drag me away from my desk this weekend to go watch the new Inidana Jones Movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Although it’s well over a decade since the last Indiana film, my kids have seen the others on TV enough times that they’re big fans, but I admit I was wondering if Harrison Ford could still pull it off, as he’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore…

I shouldn’t have been worried!

The movie is classic Iniana and I enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

Harrison Fordis joined by Cate Blanchett as the “baddy”, as well as one of my favorite UK actors, Ray Winstone, John Hurt and up and coming Shia LaBeouf, so there’s an excellent cast who are also on top form.

There’s the typical “high octane” Inidana style actions scenes, which just keep coming, and, as in the prvious movies, there’s a constant flow of “one liners” and gags to keep you laughing as well.

The movie has already broken opening weekend records here in the UK, possibly helped by it being a typically wet british bank holiday weekend, but I can see this movie racking in a LOT of cash for Steven Spielberg, as it really is a quality movie with all round appeal to young and old, the perfect “family” movie..

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  • another less than productive day, spent the evening reminding my big sis how to post to her blog… #

ok, so I admit, I’ve been getting lazy with blog posts again…

I blame it on

it’s so easy to just twitter during the day as i’m doing stuff that I kinda feel like i don’t need to post anything here as I know that the “tweets” will get automatically posted here, but it’s still not the same as doing a “proper” blog post.

So what am I up to at the moment?


since moving to the new place in Leckhampton, Cheltenham, I’ve been kicking back and remembering what it’s like to have a life again, so now I’ve got a huge backlog of work to catch up on, which I’m slowly getting through, but tonight was another night off as my big sis, Tag, turned up so we had to go out so she could see my new local and have a burger.

  • seems strange when the week starts on a Tuesday, guess I could have worked yesterday, but some days I just need to be “unproductive”… :) #
  • just realised I’ve been so busy catching up on email from the weekend that I forgot to eat lunch, oops! #
  • Still feeling a little “worn” from yesterdays major gardening project, so off to watch the new Indiana Jones movie with the kids. #
  • wow, a lego V8 engine – someone’s got too much time on their hands! (re-tweet, thanks for this @lgr ) #
  • wow, a lego V8 engine – someone’s got too much time on their hands! thanks @lgr #
  • bacon butties for lunch, then making the kids help me tidy the garden, forced child labor! They’ll come up with a suitabe reward I’m sure. #
  • What happened to the week!?! Had a problem with and not twittered all week, getting twitter withdrawal! :) #
  • Do you “GET” SEO? What’s the first rule of SEO Club..? #
  • @joelcomm a Dr. once told me to chew gum while sleeping to stop grinding my teeth, it worked! used to have a stressful “JOB”, not anymore. #
  • @chrisgarrett @dawudmiracle my “nippers” are 11 and 14 (going on 17), got them in to Warcraft so I can sleep.. :) #
  • @newspapergrl divorce with young kids needn’tbe a disaster, keeping it amicable is the key. :) #
  • @dawudmiracle yup, Monday is a holiday in the UK too. might try not to switch on the PC all day and see if I survive! :) #
  • ahh, the start of a new week, and my 200th twitter to boot! 1st order of the week, a walk in the fresh air to grab some supplies. #
  • so is there anyone who’s not in Reed’s new giveaway? #
  • oops, missed off the url for IMGiveaway – #
  • TGIF! hmm, somehow that was a short week. Friday night & it’s time for beers and debauchery! have a good weekend all! :) #