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Archive for April, 2008

  • urgh, really not good at mornings! guess it doesn’t help not crashing out until the "wee" hours.. think I need to live in different timezone #
  • having a couple of good days for new subscribers, optins are up 400%! thanks to James’ giveaway #
  • ooh, Peter Drew’s made my life easier, again! How many Squidoo Lenses do You want? #
  • just realized am due a mobile phone upgrade this month, just need to work out what to get… want good camera and inet stuff, tips anyone? #
  • @WebErika thanks Erika, will add it to my shortlist to check out! #
  • More AdSwaps set up for this week, the new forum’s picking up momentum – #
  • why are phone companies always such a pain in the bum to deal with!?! I’ve been in the new place 6 days and still can’t make outgoing calls! #
  • @andybeal iDevAffiliate is a good affiliate program that integrates with PayPal subscriptions, hope this helps. :) #
  • hmm, at some point while I was off line moving house my followers total topped 100, cool! welcome to all my new "followers"! :) #
  • Still catching up on email from my few days "offline", could be a long day…
    and no vino to help speed it along! :( #
  • @rosalindgardner good post Rosalind, makes you wonder if Ken has an alternative "site building" system he wants to "push"… ;] #
  • Finally back online after 3 days moving and 4 days no internet! Only 1,400+ emails to catch up on, off out for a walk while they download… #
  • the move has been a nice reminder of how cool it is tohave a business that keeps bringing in money, even while I’m otherwise occupied! :) #
  • Had a walk around my new area, it’s a real nice place to live. Time to sit on the patio and soak up the last of the sun, with a beer.. #
  • ok, all packed except office, done the backups, now cotton wool wrapping for the pc.. #
  • last twitter before I lose my self in moving and the "real world" for a while, updated the WP plugin activator – #
  • so you all soon, pretend not to miss me… ;] #
  • @mscopeland it’s working for me now, must of been something my end. :) #
  • just released a neat WP plugin for activating multiple plugins in one go, and it’s free! video showing how it works – #
  • @shoemoney Cloverfield is an excellent movie! it’s the last one I managed to get to the cinema to watch. another alost blog #
  • the birds are twittering outside, guess it’s time for me to get some shuteye before I end up waking up in the morning with "keyboard face"! #
  • @marclindsay don’t expect any replies from google, I’ve had half a dozen accounts banned, half of which were totally white hat.. #
  • mornin’ all! early start for me, usually just going to sleep at this time of the day, but gotta move house this week, LOTS of packing to do! #
  • @duncancarver thanks Duncan, looking forward to being in the new place, just not keen on the chaos of moving itself, too much stuff.. :) #
  • Mike, I’m getting a 404 for… #
  • phew, long day and only moved about a third of my stuff to the new house so far, 2 more days to go, the office is gonna be the "fun" bit… #
  • all day moving, now gotta catch up on emails, blog posts and JV stuff… Good job I enjoy what I do! :) #
  • @robtoth didn’t you know that the internet was only invented for porn? this video explains it #
  • @jamesbrown thanks James, it never fails to make me laugh. :) #
  • @robtoth yup, it’s kinda addictive to watch, wether you enjoy warcraft or not..
    :) #
  • I love it when my coder get’s a new plugin finished for me… no more wasting time activating plugins one by one! #
  • I missed a whole day on twitter! "real life" must have interfered..
    had a cool idea for "adswaps" tho – #
  • Hair Clipper batteries chrged at last, so finished off the partial hair cut – #
  • Busy day, finally got house move date confirmed after 8 weeks and now only have 6 days to organise move… Spent all day on the phone! #
  • gotta love Maian Support desk, easy to install and loads of features for a free script… #

Dates at last!

Eight weeks after accepting an offer and we finally have an exchange and completion date, now the only problem is the completion/moving date is just 6 days away, so I’ve been on the phone all day sorting things ready for the move.

I forgot how many places my address needs to be changed, so it’s not just a whole bunch of telehone calls, there’s a big pile of letters to write, then of course there’s probably around 100 or more websites that I’ll need to update…


This time I’m going to take advantage of my business mailbox address and change as many as I can to that, so the next time I move it won’t be a problem, unles of course I move out of the country…