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Archive for January, 2008

It’s friday night, so instead of just working (and catching up on my blog posts, which I should be doing) I seem to have eneded up on youtube checking out the funny videos again and this one I just had to share.

If you’re not a fan of Mondays and you’re always looking forward to friday afternoon, like who doesn’t, then it’s cool to see that the animal world has the same problems as us poor “sheeple”…

yeah, I’ve been back on YouTube again, checking out the funniest videos and this made me laugh so much I almost coughed up a lung, although that may be because I smoke too much too..

any way, watch this and tell me if you’d have the balls to actually tru this the next time you get a cold caller…

I’m laughing again just thinking about it, and I’m dying to try it out!


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So now I’m not just a affiliate marketer, I’m a facebook application developer!

Ok, ok, my coder Wira did all the hard work, he’s damned good when it comes to FB apps, even though he’s only recently started, after “having his arm twisted” by me to try.

Last week we launched the TagK Social Profiles Facebook App, so if you want to link to all your other social site profiles, sites or blogs then grab the tagK app and get going!

tagk social profiles facebook apllication

you can check out some more pics and a video of how the app works here:
TagK Social Profile Facebook App

and don’t forget to invite all your friends to become users too!

This may seem a strange thing to post about here, but there is a reason..

My dad is taking my sister on holiday with him in a couple of months to visit Las Vegas, and it looks like they should choose a hotel other than the Monte Carlo to stay in, as it’s currently on fire!!!

las vegas monte carlo hotel fire

So if Dad’s taking my sister to Vegas, what are me and mum going to do?
well, it’s currently “under discussion”, skiing or scuba..

and if you’re wondering why we don’t all go on a “family” holiday together, let’s just go with “family politics”, or my favorite, “it’s complicated”.


What happened to 2007?

wow, I was gonna say December zoomed by, but it kinda feels like the whole of 2008 zoomed by!

it seems to me that as I get older time seems to slip by quicker…

although I guess it’s not been an entirely un-eventful year, for better or worse, but I’m definately looking forward to a better year in 2008, just as soon as I sell the house and get divorced…

My goals for 2008?

1. launch more products for my business and build a much larger subscriber base by doing so, the first product should be ready to launch fairly soon.