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Archive for November, 2007


Gemma’s Art

it seems like Gemma, my daughter, has inherited the family traight for enjoying, and possibly even being reasonably good at, art.

When she was staying with me last weekend I caught her “doodling” whilst watching TV and she was generous enough not only to let me see what she’d drawn but give me the original to keep.

I realize that I’m bound to think this, as aproud dad, but I reckon it’s pretty cool…

what do you think?

gemma's doodle


Wroclaw Photos and facebook

I’ve been intending to post about my recent trip to Wroclaw in Poland with “the posse”, but still haven’t found time, although that’s probably because facebook is sucking up my spare time at the moment…

If you haven’t checked out yet you really should, it’s not only the 7th most popular site in the world, with over 200,000 new members signing up each day, it’s also real cool and a lot of fun.

It’s also kind of cool for catching up with old friends, I managed to catch up with a couple of people who I’ve not been in touch with in years, one of whom (Marlon Pritchard) has since moved to Australia…


BlogRush Replacement

after having removed BlogRush from my sidebar a few weeks ago I came across what looks like a cool replacement for it…

It’s called Link2Blogs and it simply displays some links to related blogs and whenever anyone visiting my blog clicks on one of the links I get a credit for my link to be shown on someone elses blog in the same “category” until I get a return visitor.

it certainly sounds like a nice simple way of sharing traffic with other blogs and getting more visitors to my blog, let’s see how well it works…