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Archive for October, 2007


BlogRush Removed

You might notice that I’ve removed the BlogRush panel from my blog.

I’ve taken it off as BlogRush have been “tidying” up their system to get rid of all the “crap” blogs and it would seem that for some unknown reason they feel that my blog isn’t good enough for them.

they haven’t bothered to notify me of this, or their reasons why they think this blog is not up to their standards.

in fact I had recieved an email earlier today from them to say that my blog had met their requirements and had been approved, I guess they really don’t know what they’re doing over there, shich is a shame as it seemed like a good system.


Hometown Xmas Lights

I’m a very proud dad tonight. :smile:

My son, Sam, Skyped me earlier tongith to tell me he had got some good news today.

There was a competition in his school a little while back for who could design the best flag.

He found out today that he’d won!

and the prize..?

The prize is to turn on the Xmas lights for his home town/village, how cool is that!?!


Last night my Bro, Jumbs, came up to Cheltenham and the plan was to go watch a movie with Col, but after a few Guinnesses we kinda decided to just hang out and chat.

so we had a wander around town visiting some of my favorite pubs before ending up in his favorite Club (Excess) for a drink or two and by the time we left he was suddenly wobbling and seemed as if he’d had a LOT more to drink than Col and me.

We thought nothing of it and headed off to my favorite club (24/7) for a last pint or tweo before calling it a night.