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Archive for August, 2007


Day Out At Bristol Zoo

Wow! An August bank holiday and it wasn’t raining!!!

I guess we were long overdue a bit of sunny weather, it’s not exactly been a great summer this year…

As the weather was good, I thought I’d take a trip out somewhere for the heck of it and ended up at Bristol Zoo.

I have been before, but it was quite a few years ago and I had a vague memory of there being an underwater gallery where you could watch the enguins and seals swim, I was right…

Earlier this week I posted a link to a movie I came across on the weekend on one of my other blogs, you can see it here:

New World Order Conspircay Movie

It seems to have caught a few peoples attention (see the comments on the page), so I thought I’d post a link here as well, especially for all those friends of mine who think I’m some kind of “conspiracy theory nut”, who I would just like to remind that it’s not a “theory” if it’s true…

Go take a look at the movie, but be warned, it’s a: 2 hours long & b: a little slow at the start as it has to get through the whole mind control/religion thing & c: shocking if you’re brave enough to have an open mind.

Apparently Layla Cox, who did the Conversational Traits Video I posted yesterday, missed one, so here it is: –

are you a “one upper”?

I came across this today and just had to share it, it’s quite interesting…

Conversation Secrets

Apparently there are four main personality traits that we should try and avoid in conversations.

Having listened to this I can see spot which two of these I’m bad at straight away, although I think my wife has me beat hands down, as she’s got at least three of these down pat…

I’d try and get Ira to listen to this, but she’d probably not pay any attention, interrupt it and give it advice, even though it’s only a video.

Ira is one of those people who doesn’t really pay much attention if it’s not her that is talking or the conversation isn’t about her.


Summer Arrives in Gower

Well I managed to sneak away for my traditional few days camping with my kids and parents this weekend and, apart from the night we arrived, the weather was perfect, real hot sunny summer weather, at long last…

Here’s a couple of photos of Rhosilli beach to prove it, the quality’s not that good as they were taken on my mobile phone and I had it on the wrong quality setting… (doh!)

rhosilli beach

as you can see, it wasn’t exactly busy either…

rhossili beach

The only downside was that as I’ve not been out in the sun much this year, I went and got myself nice and burnt!

while I was tidying up some photos on my phone today I found this one of the local Liesure centre under water during the recent floods, it’s a bit dark as I took it on my phone as the light was going, but I think you can see how much water there was…

cheltenham flood photos

If you know the liesure center, then you’ll also realise that the swimming pool is on a lower level than the front door that you can see in the photo.

There’s no news yet as to when they will re-open, the damage done must have been pretty bad, and the centre only had a major overhaul last year.