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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

Archive for July, 2007

What do I actually do as an “Affiliate Marketer”?

Someone recently asked me what I actually do as an affiliate marketer and it occured to me the best way I could answer is to show just how much stuff I read, so here’s a photo of just the stuff I’ve printed off to read over the last 6 weeks or so:

affiliate marketing research

there’s quite a lot there, but it’s not all of the products and reports I’ve read and tested out, some I didn’t even bother printing out and some was software.

as an internet/affiliate marketer it’s part of my job to read all this stuff so that my subscribers don’t have to.

so much water and no water to use…

If you’ve seen the news you’ve probably seen something about the little bit of water we’ve had here the last few days.

Here’s a photo of what it was like when I as heading home on friday afternoon, before it got really bad:

cheltenham and gloucester flooding pictures

and it did get quite bad.

We were ok as our house isn’t in a low area, although Ira was stuck in her office until almost midnight as where she works was totally cut off for hours.

There’s a lot of poeple and businesses who have been totally flooded out and have got real problems, so I’m very glad I work from home and didn’t get flooded out.


Happy Birthday Blog!

I just noticed, my blog is now a year old!

Happy Birthday Blog!!!

wow, that was a short post.


the Prince and I…

it seems that I have good taste in clubs, apparently Prince Harry was in my favorite drinking hole the weekend before last, I missed him by a whole 7 days though, I must get out more!

Cheltenham does seem to have it’s fair share of celebs walking around, I’ve bumped in to Sharon Davis (Olympic Swimmer) in PC World before now, Ira has sat next to Richard “Hamster” Hammond (from TopGear) at the traffic lights a while back, and Ulrika Johnson (or it could be Denise Van Outen, I cant remember which) is supposed to have a house somewhere locally.