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Archive for June, 2007


Public Service Announcement

This is a cool video that I “found” on youtube this week…


My Gran’s 90 today!

My Grandma on my mum’s side is 90 years old today which I think is wicked, and the way she’s going I reckon she could do another 90 years! 😉

so Happy Birthday Gran!!

I guess I’m getting older, seems like I’m becoming a bit of a grumpy old man and starting to complain about stuff a lot more…

Ira and I spent the day at Blenheim Palace today and although it was quite a nice day out I won’t be going again.


Our cat has decided his nice comfy cat basket doesn’t have a good enough view, or perhaps he just likes to be the center of attention…


What you can’t see is that he’s sitting on top of some apples and oranges, so it can’t be as comfy as it looks!


While I was resizing this photo to post here, I found a couple of old one’s that I was going to post ages ago and forgot.

First is something I’d never seen before. We were in Cardiff one afternoon last year and saw a Swan attacking another swan…