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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

Archive for April, 2007


busy, busy, busy part II

I have to admit that I’m feeling fairly chuffed at the moment, although somewhat tired..

The launch of my new book is going pretty well, over 280 sold in the first 2 weeks, and I’ve already had a bunch of cool feedback from buyers.

I decided not to outsource the support for the book to a “HelpDesk” service as it’s my first Internet Marketing product and I want to make sure the customers are looked after, but it does mean quite a bit more work.

I’m taking a bit of time off this weekend with Ira and my kids, as the Moscow State Circus is in town and we’ve got tickets to go see it, which I’m looking forward to. I’m 37 and never been to a circus before, how sad is that!

We went to see the new movie “Curse of the Golden Flower” last week.

I admit it wasnt my choice, I was hoping to watch Shooter, but Ira wasn’t too keen for some reason, and it was her turn to pick what we watched..

It was one of those movies where the whole place was really quiet, in fact it was so quiet that Ira told me off for munchin my popcorn too loudly, even though the movie had sub-titles…

I can’t say I’d recommend it. Whilst it was visually impressive, it was somewhat predictable and didn’t really “engage” me.

Busy, busy, busy…

Having finally managed to get my new “IM” (internet marketing) info product launched last week I thought I’d take a little time to get out and get some fresh air, so Ira and I went for a bit of drive in the country and ended up at some Rococo gardens that were really quite pretty.

Of course, I was more interested in the the pond full of greater crested newts (which are still pretty rare in the UK).

Ira just couldn’t understand my fascination for these strange little amphibians and was even more surprised that every other bloke that came across the pond was stopping and peering in to the pond in fascination, and all the other girlfriends and wive’s were having to drag their blokes away to look at the pretty gardens instead..


My favorite books..

I don’t read as much as I used to, I never seem to find enough time, so when I do find some time to read I tend to choose something that’s a littel mind stretching, rather than mind numbing (I watch Neighbours at lunch time for that).

In the process of trying to find “enlightening” books to read, I’ve ended up reading quite a few that were hard work and didn’t make much of a diffeence to my life or the way I view the world, but there were a few that were worth reading more than once..

So here are the best books I’ve read over the last few years: –