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Archive for February, 2007

In other words, what work am I doing. :)

I’ve finally finished one of my new projects, although two for this month are still “ongoing”, one I’m trying to get finished for launch on Monday, and the other I’m aiming for March 9th, so I’m a little busy.

The finished one is just a simple software application for recovering deleted files called WUndelete Pro File Recovery (

And as I’m a real sucker for punishment I’ve started another new blog (as well as The Best Bits) for sharing my IM (internet marketing) product testing results – IMTesting

The product that I’m working on now is actually based on something I enjoy doing myself, the MMORPG (online roleplaying game) World of Warcraft.


Since I set up this personal blog I’ve seldom managed to post more than once a month, until this month, now this will be the fourth post for Feb, I must be getting in to this blogging thing..


So what’s prompted yet another post?

Well, I’m feeling a little tender today.

Irina had her Circuit Training Exam yesterday and I “volunteered” to be one of her “clients”, which also involved taking part in other peoples exams as well.

The exam was basically a 45 minute circuit training session and I haven’t been to the gym in six months so I was dreading it as I’m more than a little out of shape at the moment..


Hot Fuzz

The boys from Sean of the Dead have done it again!

We went to watch Hot Fuzz on Friday night.

Ira didn’t enjoy it that much, probably because it’s a bit of a “lads” film and so many of the jokes are somewhat “british”, although she did laugh out load at quite a few bits.

I on the other hand just couldn’t stop laughing, and so loudly I probably pissed off all the poeple sitting near me, although they all seemed to be doing the same..

If you liked Shawn of the dead you’ll probably love this, I reckon it’s even better, so go watch it!


Hmm, time for a catch up, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, when is it not.. :)

Last week my sister got back from a month “Down Under” visiting freinds, so we had a night catching up on things and looking through her photos. She’s got a swanky new digital camera, seems everyone’s got one nowadays and mine’s looking a bit old in the tooth, my wife’s mobile phone takes better pictures than my old digi cam.. :(

Anyway, as Tag hasn’t totally got to grips with her blog yet ( I thought I’d upload a couple of her photos here.

Blimey, “roll on 2007” i said, and it is, it’s already Feb, I feel like i blinked and missed January all together..

I’m trying hard to remember what i did in Jan.

I did tidy my desk up a bit..

my desk

although it didn’t last very long, it’s already a mess again, an organised mess though.. :)

I’m thinking of tradin in my pc for a new one, I’ve seen one i quite like..

beer computer

cool or what, a beer cooled PC!