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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Blimey, “roll on 2007” i said, and it is, it’s already Feb, I feel like i blinked and missed January all together..

I’m trying hard to remember what i did in Jan.

I did tidy my desk up a bit..

my desk

although it didn’t last very long, it’s already a mess again, an organised mess though.. :)

I’m thinking of tradin in my pc for a new one, I’ve seen one i quite like..

beer computer

cool or what, a beer cooled PC!


so what else did I do in Jan, well i decided i needed a new project that would get me out from behind my desk a bit, so I’ve started selling second hand books on Amazon, which is going quite well. I head out to charity shops a couple of times a week to track down some stock, then pop them on amazon market place and wait for them to sell. It gets me out of the house almost every day as I cycle to the local post office to post the packages when the books sell, so I even get some exercise rolled in, not bad.

Although it does seem a little ironic as I grew up in Hay-on-Wye, a “town” renowned for it’s second hand book shops. :0

I’m taking on another new project this month, I did mention it was going to be a busy year didn’t I..?

Most of my internet marketing business is based on promoting other peoples products or being a middle man for traffic and advertisers, so I’ve decided it’s time to start doing a few products of my own, and my paln is to have the first completed and being promoted before the end of the month, so i guess i’d better go get on with it..


follow the birds…

strange bird behaviour

see Gemma, birds don’t always stand in a circle..

My daughter told me this weekend that she keeps seing birds sitting in circles and it was spooky strange, although it may have been just starlings she was talkinh about.

Anyone else noticed strange bird behaviour recently?

Ah, what am I saying, I might as well be talking to myself (again), no one actually reads this stuff..

i hope..


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