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Archive for November, 2006


I just found a really cool site that I’ve gotta share..

They’ve got a neat tool that you can use to turn you’re blog, piccy’s and all (see I knew there was a reason to post pic’s on here) in to a book, although they do charge you if you want a full printed version, but that is just sooo cool!

or maybe it just seems that way to me..

go check it out here: –

I’ve decided to stop complaining about how seldom I manage to post on this blog of mine and just live with the fact that I’m not a daily posting “blogoholic”.

It doesn’t mean that I have a life outside of my computer screen, it just means I’m to darned busy working, something else that I hope I can stop complaining abut one day..

I’ve also stopped hiding (Hallowen’s over) and jumping in fright (the fireworks have finally stopped), so I thought I should probably make the effort to post something here again, eve if it is

Breaking BLog News – I’ve even had my first comment from a visitor, if my daughter counts. :)