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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

Archive for October, 2006

I can’t hide it anymore, I am getting old, and it’s not just trying to hide the grey hair by dying it blond, there are other disturbing symptoms too..

symptom 1.

Tonight I’m sat here in the semi darkness with most of the lights in the house switched off and the curtains drawn, like some grumpy old git, so that I don’t have to go an answer the door bell every five minutes to the latest bunch of trick or treaters looking for some goodies..

and it’s not just because I forget to buy any candy, as always, but more because I’m not keen to be standing on my own door step telling a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds “no, they can’t have cash instead”.


Internet Marketing and the Time Warp Effect

Working at from home on the internet can have strange effects on your life.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been in a time warp and days or even weeks have just

flown by, evidenced by the infrequency of my posts on this blog..

I guess that’s why my wife, Ira, is so important to my health, wealth and

happiness. She has an amazing (although sometimes irritating) habbit of dragging

me back to reality and making me look around at the world now and then.

23 days this time since the last post, it’s getting worse..

Or maybe I’m just getting busier!

Talking of being busy [a tenuous link to a thought that’s probably gonna get me in trouble], why is it that if a woman calls you and you are about to eat, they expect you to let your meal go cold and talk to them, rather than finish your meal while it’s still hot and then call them back..

For some reason they decide that you are choosing the food over them, or maybe it’s just the women in my life..