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Archive for September, 2006


It’s now 21 days since I made a post, guess my life’s even more hectic than I thought and posting once a week may even be a bit optimisitic..

Oh well, I don’t suppose any one really reads this blog anyway. :)

So has anyone else noticed the plague of “daddy long legs” (or Crane Flies) that we’re having this year?

These ungainly, irritating, can’t fly for toffee, little beasties are an absolute pain in the bum this year.

If I leave my window open in the evening, which is normal, they’re finding their way in at the rate of 2 or 3 an hour!


Men with Big Sticks

When I set this blog up I had some wacky idea about posting to it everyday!


My wife always tells me I’m too damned optimistic, it’s tuff finding enough time to post once a week, but at least I have more to write about this way..

This weekend I discovered that you should never mess with men on horse back who have big sticks..

 knight with big stick

As it’s my son’s birthday this week (on the same day as mine), we went to Warwick Castle on Sunday to watch the jousting. Not a bad show, but it would have been more enjoyable if there had been slightly less people, it was difficult to see a lot stood behind the rather large crowd watching.