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Archive for August, 2006

It seems that over the last few years there has been an explosion of new wind and beach based sports taking advantage of the wind in one way or another.

If there as fun to do as they are to watch, they must be a real adrenaline rush!


Para Surfing Wales


Although it did look a bit cold to me..

I spent a few days camping in South Wales (Rhossilli) last weekend and as well as the familiar Para Surfers (which looks wicked) there was a couple of guys doing something I hadn’t seen before..

Beach Bike Surfing

I’ve no idea what the official name is for this, but it’s basically like Wind-Surfing, but using a “board” with wheels on to go up and down the beach at one heck of a speed.


Can Mondays be Good?

For some reason I actually like Mondays.

I think it’s because the whole week is ahead and there’s so much potential, so many things I could get done, so many ways I can potentially move my business forward, the question is simply how much will I manage before the week runs out again..

Hopefully more than last week.


My wife’s cat, Dima, has some rather strange habits [see the piccy below]->

cat on roof

Right now he is sat on the roof of the house opposite ours, having a bit of a sleep. yep, that small blob of white and ginger is Dima, check out the next photo..

My last post was complaining about where the weekend went, and suddenly it’s the weekend again, and I’ve got nuffin planned, other than work.. :-(

A couple of weekends ago I dragged Ira down to Weston-“Super”-Mare so we could get some fresh sea air, of course I forgot how far out the tide can go at Weston..




I think you might just be able to make it out in the very distance. It did come back in, about 6 hours later just as we were leaving..

and then of course there was the Morris Men convention going on that day, check out the flying Morris Men below, we got bored of that too, after a whole whopping 3 minutes! I’ve never really been a fan and Ira decided it was a part of English heritage that she could live without.


Piercings and Paroxide

Monday again already, what happened to the weekend?

It’s my wife Ira’s birthday on Wednesday, her 30th no less! I’ll probably get in trouble for writing that on here.. 😉

To celebrate she decided she would like to do something “fun” and have her belly button pierced. Cool I thought, she’ll look sexy with a belly ring..

As we got closer to the time to actually have her belly button pierced she started getting more and more nervous, so to show support for her I offered to do something equally “fun”.

The result?

Matt goes Blond

Today I have a bruised hand, from holding her hand while she had the piercing (which looks dead sexy by the way), and my hair is a very strange shade of ginger blond, as you can see..