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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Hi,If you’ve ever wondered how the big guys are stealing all the traffic then make sure you read this entire email…I’m about to let you in on a secret that isn’t really a secret!So what’s the big secret you ask… Some people have figured out a way to get backlinks to their money sites on autopilot.I’m talking about genuine backlinks. The kind that Google loves.Where people are sharing their stuff like crazy and spreading these links like wildfire.So what in the world are they doing?You already know, you’ve certainly shared some of their stuff, and maybe you’ve even done some of this yourself….It certainly is no surprise that graphics get shared many times over text. We all see that neat little graphic that has 4 points we agree with, or learn something cool that we didn’t know.They are called infographics and smart marketers using use them to generate backlinks and viral shares. Infographics are hot!Visually stimulating graphics with irresistible content, this is the magic formula and people can’t wait to share with family and friends.The big guys simply create and wait. That’s it. They create these infographics and then just sit and wait and watch their traffic stats rise. OR more likely they GET SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE THEM!No need beg or bribe people to visit their site. No need to pay tons of money (and time) for some ebook giveaway. Nothing to install.Infographics do all the work.Just create and wait. But here’s the problem...creating a good infographic that will actually go viral is super expensive or super time consuming, or BOTH!Smart marketers know the power of infographics and many of them are willing to pay in the 1000s just for one infographic.Most small business owners don’t have that kind of money so they try to put something together themselves, or they just give up!But not anymore. Now anyone can create beautiful infographics in minutes with just a few clicks.Infographics Bounty is a brand new collection that will completely change how infographics are created. No design skills necessary. Get 20 infographics templates you can use straight out of the box OR edit them to your heart’s content.Brand them with your logo, edit the text or images, or simply upload them and start grabbing free traffic and backlinks as soon as 10 minutes from now!It’s really that easy.Stop letting the pros steal your traffic.hit the button below to get your copy now: Click Here! Cheers, Matt Garrett How To Get In Touch:Blog: MattGarrett.comsupport: support@gazmat.comFacebook: Share: Why Am I Receiving This Newsletter?You're receiving this email because you bought one of our products orone of our partners products on JVZooOur goal is to share with you our amazing and valuable content, reviews, discount and product reviews to help your become the highly profitable marketer you deserve to be!If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter then simply use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this email.Too Many Emails? Try our Private Weekly Summary Newsletter:​​​​​​​All Content in this email is Copyright © GazMat Publishing Ltd. and may not be republished in any format without express permission.

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